BUK - Cultural and Art Event

Baranja Art Colony (Baranjska umjetnicka kolonija - BUK) is the most important art event in Baranja, which is traditionally

organized by the municipality of Draz since 1998. It is held at Zeleni Otok in Batina, Dunavac and forest Sarkanj in Draz, in Gajic in Dol, in Topolje – on Dunavac and the Church of St. Peter and Paul and the Memorial House of the Battle of Batina -Gallery of Baranja Art Colony. BUK presents artists who express themselves with different painting techniques and artistic ceramics.

The exhibition of works created in BUK in 2012 can be seen in galleries:
2012. in Memorial House of the Battle of Batina, Gallery of Baranja Art Colony, Batina
2013. in House of Culture, Zepce, BiH
2013. in Fortress in Tesanj, BiH
2013. in Arhcheological Museum in Osijek

Baranja Art Colony is a traditional art event founded in 1975. In the local context BUK seeks to create space for contemporary artists and for more active role in the art according to specific, local culture, history and everyday life.
Since 1998 on BUK participated artists whose names are at the top Croatian artistic production:
Boris Salamaha, Vlado Pandic, Vladimir Dzanko, Zeljko Badurina, Ben Cajin, Tomislav Gotovac, Marija Molnar, Igor Kuduz, Duje Juric, Kata Mijatovic, Zoran Pavelic, Sandro Dukic etc.

BUK 2012. participants:
Vlado Pandic, Osijek, academic painter
Vladimir Dzanko, Osijek, academic painter
Ivo Krizanac, Vinkovci, academic sculptor
David Kusik, Osijek, academic painter
Marko Zivkovic, Osijek, academic painter
Monika Vladisavljevic, Osijek, academic painter
Josip Skerlj, Dubrovnik, academic painter
Judit Abripacl, Suza, painter
Marijana Ivesic, Galovac-Seher, BiH, mg. of painting
Mladen Ivesic, Galovac-Seher, BiH, mg. of painting
Kristina Kramer, Ponijevo-Seher, BiH mg. of painting
Mensud Becar, Visoko, BiH, academic painter
Bela Simonkovic, Udvar, Hungary, ceramic artist
Nedjeljko Cubek, Osijek, academic painter


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