Grape harvest celebrations in Batina

This is an event that is extremely important for the small Hungarian minority who inhabited this area for centuries. At the end of the

grape harvest wine producers, together with the locals and their guests, take a break after a heavy work, then follow the celebration of obtaining the young wine with a great gastro offer. These days various baking and cakes from local cuisine appeared on the table. The locals put on their costumes, that way showing their customs. All this variety of costumes reflects in a parade of folk groups through the village, of course, accompanied by music and dance. Such events were held before the homeland war, so we want to keep and continue these customs. Following that idea after a reintegration of Baranja in the Republic of Croatia, we started to organize the preservation of our customs and identity in the northeastern part of Baranja.

Grape harvest celebrations - folk groups

The very event begins months before with the various preparations and establishing contacts with folklore groups both outside and within the country. Number of folk groups at the event ranges from 10 to 15, they all create a parade of one kilometer, moving from the beginning of the village towards the center. The parade is traditionally led by the prince and princess, who are also the most festive couple. The parade is followed by a cultural part of the program, where all the organizations that participated in the parade show their skills on stage.

From the time of the Roman Empire the village of Batina was well known wine-growing area, as nowadays, therefore our primary goal is to present and offer guests our quality wines. Therefore, we set the stands, where our local wine makers expose their products, but not only them, other private craftsmen also find their interest there - honey traders, florists, carpenters, potters, fishermen, various associations with handicrafts, cakes. In DZMH every year we organize an exhibition of old objects and tools that were used during the grape harvest and wine processing.

The goals of the event are preservation of tradition of grape harvest ceremony, maintaining contacts with folklore groups in neighboring towns and abroad and the development of the wine and gastro tourism.


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