Regatta of Peace in Batina

The association was founded and registered in 1999. The first regatta started in 2000. It is held every year on the first weekend in

July. The regatta starts in Batina, Zeleni Otok and the route is: Zeleni Otok, Aljmas, Vukovar, Ilok.

The sponsor of the first regatta was Croatian President Stjepan Mesic. In the memory of the memorial regatta before the Homeland War, that was a symbol of brotherhood and friendship, with the same goal was established Regatta of Peace on the Danube. The pre-war regatta started from Batina, Aljmas, Vukovar and went into Bogojevo on Vojvodina Channels (Franjo Josip) and went out at the Bezdan - Batina.

Plan and program – Regatta of Peace

Mostly on Friday, boats sail on the Danube River from Green Island in Batina to Aljmaš, where regatta participants take part in a traditional football tournament. After the night, on Saturday, regatta participants continue to sail to Erdut, then to Vukovar where they visit City the Hero-Vukovar. On Sunday, the last day of the regatta, participants continue to Šarengrad and at the end to Ilok, where they enjoy fisijada. In three days to Ilok vessels travel up to 120 kilometers.

Each year, about 30 participants in 15 or so boats participates in the Regatta of Peace, while some of them participate from Aljmaš and Dalj. This river event promotes continental and river tourism, along with the inevitable good time.


The project is co-financed by the European union from the European regional development Fund. The contents of this site are the sole responsibility of the Municipality Draz.