Motorijada on Zeleni otok

The history of the club Island Pirates goes back to the 1991 when we have not even know what the term motorcycle club mean, but it could be seen

that there is something in the fact that a group of friends, although on smaller motorcycles, hang out and drive together. Unfortunately, the war shattered our dreams. That group of friends was not willingly coping in neighboring countries fighting for their survival, but also was collecting experience on motorcycle meetings, mainly in Hungary. Two future members of motorcycle club are members of the rock group "The Garden" who for many years played at the motorcycle gatherings and festivals and so gain new friendships and experience to start the operation of the club.

1998 is the year of the return to Baranja. Of course, of our vehicles was nothing left. Happy that we're all together again, few returns to motorcycles, what was enough to start an avalanche among others. The decision was made! We continue where we left off.

After traveled lot of miles and visited motorcycle meetings in Hungary and Austria, in 2000 we bravely decide to organize the first test motorcycle meeting, which really succeed. So full of motivation next year we organize motorcycle meeting again what results in success and satisfaction.

It was enough to us to give the club the official name ISLAND PIRATES MC and that we embellish our leather jackets with tripartite markings. The club acts and thinks like a MC club, the goal of the club is meeting and socializing with other motorcycle clubs and ride motorcycles many kilometers.

Currently motorcycle club is operating in Batina with ten permanent members, who diligently perform all actions related to the functioning of the club. So established and harmonious team for many years organize loud Motorijada, accompanied by a large amount of refreshing beer and good rock bands.

The aim of the motorcycle club is to organize so good and famous Motorijada as till now, expand club with a few loyal members, continue with riding powerful motorcycles miles and miles across Europe and meet new motorcycle clubs, who will then "ride" to our motorcycle meeting which is each year organized in two weekends of August on the Zeleni otok on the Danube River.


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