"Pudarina" is original folk custom of Danube „sokadija" of the Municipality of Draz. Pudarina is dedicated to young girls "Pudarice" who were the

guardians of the grapes from St. Ann`s Day to the Assumption of Mary. The organizer of „Pudarina“ is winegrowers and winemakers association "Martinovo Brdo" from ethnovillage Gajic. The event was held for the third time on 2nd September 2012, at the tourist location of Martinovo Brdo, Gajic mountain. As every year, this time was extremely well visited too, with many visitors.The event brought together a number of winegrowers and winemakers, as well as representatives of various associations of wine and gastro offers and for the first time included small producers of souvenirs, honey and other culinary delights, like the Dalmatian kulin, salted sardines, anchovies, excellent goulash and lamb on a spit. Such activities as the event "Pudarina" have its tourist, economic and cultural future that encourages the development of ethnic village Gajic, on what works members of the association "Martinovo Brdo".

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