Marian Songs

Baranja festival of church folk singing called „Marijo, svibnja kraljice“ is held on the last Saturday in May. The aim of the festival is to encourage,

preserve from oblivion and popularize church singing in Baranja. With Baranja groups at the festival is participating groups from Slavonia, Backa and Hungary. In addition to the effort to preserve the church folk songs, which are suppressing by contemporary spiritual songs, festival aims on affirmation of the unique space of the church of St. Peter and Paul and preservation of folk costumes, because all groups that perform at the festival are in costumes from their village.

Festival of church singing "Marijo, svibnja kraljice"

Every singing group sing two songs one of which is Marian. All the songs are performed typically a cappella, and groups can be male, female or mixed. At the end of the festival, all the groups together sing Marijo, svibnja kraljice and Zdravo, djevo.

The first Baranja festival of church singing was held in 2002 in then still completely devastated area of the church of St. Peter and Paul. How did the work on the restoration of the church progress, the Festival each year was held on the nicer place and in better conditions. With experts who have worked on the renovation of the church, to its good look also contributed the members of the „Društva prijatelja baranjskih starina“ «Izip».


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